• From A Broken World to Perpetual Peace

    Rudi Gelsey's book is a must-read for anyone who cares about the survival of our planet. Rudi has considered the subject from historical, religious, military, and ecological perspectives, and more.

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  • How Can You Make a Difference

    Find out how you can get involved.

    Rudi Gelsey, an 86-year-old retired Unitarian Universalist minister along with an emerging grassroots community group, is launching a new World Peace Initiative.

About the Book

Mending our Broken World offers a clear and convincing presentation on past mistakes and current opportunities for global peace. Gelsey examines the role of the United States as it rises from thirteen colonies to become the world’s greatest superpower. He revives the glorious legacy of 2,800 years of Perennial Philosophy, an oft-neglected foundation for world peace, and he presents the idea that all religions have a common spiritual origin. Thus the Abrahamic traditions along with the Eastern and indigenous religions of the world form a Sacred Unity. Competing and opposing one another should be seen as aberrations. Finally, Gelsey introduces readers to a democratic World Federalist Union as our path to Perpetual Peace.

The exploration leads us to the question: Will we the people, along with the political, religious, and spiritual leaders of the globe, find the courage and wisdom to overcome past dissensions and move toward a united world?

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